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The landing is the face of your business online. Our team of professional designers and web developers will make sure it is one of a Hollywood star.

Online store

Imagine a store where rent is almost free, but the number of customers is even higher. Want one? We can tailor-make one for you.

UX / UI design

We develop systems in which function and form work together. It allows your application to deliver a great experience through an exceptional interface.

Minimum viable product (MVP)

Ideas by themselves cost nothing. You need to prove that they work. And with our professionals building your MVP, you will easily convince investors to fund your project.

Corporate website

In today’s high-demanding world, technology can either sink your business to the bottom or give you a competitive edge. Just for you, we can customize any solution at an affordable cost.

Mobile app iOS or Android

Today - the world is mobile. We can help you build a mobile application or update your web application into a mobile experience your users will love.

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Our works

Sun calc

Solar Energy Calculator
Online platform for calculating the application of renewable energy technologies


B2B platform for travel agencies is an online tour search and booking service. It performs calculations based on the database from thousands of tours and hotels, making the best offer in accordance with user data.


The largest online payment service in the CIS
Robocassa has already helped over 120 thousand customers by providing them an easy way to start receiving payments online on their websites.

Вкус Благости

Landing page for butter producer "Vkus Blagosti"
Modern design and responsive layout of the new site give the company a more serious and professional look on the web, creating additional value for "Вкус Благости" products in the eyes of customers.


Travel agencies network of 257
Web-service for choosing the best travel options through the built complex route optimizer.

Startup Socials

Online platform for investors from business incubator MOST
Target page as a platform for networking and educational programs for investors


Travel agency network "Chemodan". TOP-20 in Kazakhstan.
Web-platform for the network of touristic agencies with the full range of instruments. Additionally, it includes the CRM system for the effective customer service and development.


The First Center of Visa Support. TOP-3 in Kazakhstan
Under general umbrella as Visas, 5 websites were developed:,,,,

Education Tourism

Landing page for a service for training managers in the tourism sector
The network of travel agencies "Chemodan" has vast experience in training managers in the field of tourism, so they decided to create a training course, for which we made them a sales page that would familiarize and convince the visitor to take it.


We are truly happy to work with Nomadev
Our partnership goes far beyond the IT development services since we as clients have got additional value in terms of product decisions recommendations, strategy and fundraising sessions. nomaDev team is really passionate about the results developed. The high level of professionalism makes us to only strengthen and develop our partnership.
Vladimir Telyuk
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